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Our Music Genres

At Blue Rockers, we are into the blues genre. We believe that the blues music scales have influenced various other genres.


We have sold a lot of copies of our albums, and most of them are influenced by the music of the African-Americans


We also believe in mixing up a little bit of rock music with our genre to spice things up a little.


Our band also plays Jazz music which is also originated from the African-American communities.

Solo Day

Our solo days are something which shouldn’t be missed if you happen to be a jazz lover.

Friday Night

Fill your Friday nights with some fun and classic jazz music.

Saturday Evening

We also put up shows on Saturday evening. So make sure you come and listen to our band play and turn your weekend into a glorious one.


The Best Party Band

We are known to be one of the best Jazz party bands out there, and you can stay in touch with us if you want us to play at your parties.

Our Blog

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Jonathan J. Elliott
Bettye L. Delvalle
Jesse J. Watson
Barbara W. Bridges

Contact us

2838 Lucy Lane Evansville, IN 47708