"Everybody's Waiting" - Eric Jerardi Band

ej The bio page on the official website of Dayton, Ohio based guitarist Eric Jerardi begins with these words: "Eric Jerardi is a true blues rocker." Had I been his publicist, I probably would have suggested he would be better served by more properly saying "Eric Jerardi is a truly remarkable blues rocker". "Everybody's Waiting" is Jerardi's 7th independent release and after hearing it I had to have a copy of one of his live ones as well. This is another one of those artists who seem incapable of putting out anything but a high quality recording. After hearing his work, he has moved toward the head of the class on my personal "I have to see this band live while I can still remember seeing them" list.

The Eric Jerardi band is a three piece (my favorite
format of course), featuring the atomic guitar and exceptional vocals of Eric Jerardi, and a great rhythm section of Gary Gates on bass guitar and Adam Wheeler on drums. Both of these chaps are stellar musicians and provide quality backing vocals as well. And, unlike some bands of relative genre, Gates and Wheeler's style are the perfect complement to Jerardi's blistering guitar. "Everybody's Waiting" was recorded live and mixed down in 4 days so it retains much of its raw energy which I suspect is truly representative of their live sound.

The songwriting on this CD is especially impressive with all 9 tracks being Eric Jerardi Band originals. I would at different times while listening to this set find myself saying "these are really good songs" because that is just what they are. Jerardi's vocals have a bit of a Joe Cocker gruffness to them and they are very enjoyable. The songs vary in style and tempo and while Jerardi is not a blues artist per se, his work is certainly blues flavored. Categorically, I would put him classify him as "American Rock" a genre which includes most of my own personal favorite artists. The tunes are all good, the music all well played, and the studio sound perfectly reproduces who and what they are. If I had to pick a favorite in the set, it would probably be "Midwest Living" as this song truly bears witness to the blue collar, full bore, and wide open throttle type of music that IS the Eric Jerardi band.

"Everybody's Waiting" comes with the Bluesrockers.ws seldom achieved and highly coveted "buy this CD even if you have to appear on reality television in order to raise the cash" seal of approval. Be sure to visit the band online at www.ericjerardi.com. And, just to further prove that Mr. Jerardi is not a one trick pony, you can also visit his fine wine and gourmet food store either in person in the Dayton area or online at www.jerardislittlestore.com . Fine food and rockin guitar are a combination you may just find impossible to resist.

Tom Branson - www.bluesrockers.ws

The Band:

Eric Jerardi - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Gary Gates - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Adam Wheeler - Drums, Percussion, Keys, Backing Vocals

The Tracks:

1. Diggin' That Hole - 2. Keep On Steppin - 3. Everybody's Waiting On Me - 4. My Love Lies In Wait - 5. End of Days - 6. Midwest Livin - 7. What Became of Me - 8. Kitchen Sinks - 9. Double For Half

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