Greg Serrato - Live At Modesto's State Theater
There are some recordings that I just instinctively know are going to be good ones. Having owned and enjoyed both of Ontario, CA resident Greg Serrato's previous two CDs, I was excited when I read that he was planning on recording a live set, for I could rightfully tell that this is a guy who has to be heard live to be fully appreciated. Serrato is a ferocious guitarist, passionate vocalist, and multi dimensional performer, whose material covers a very broad range and includes samplings of blues, blues/rock, jazz, Latin, swing, and even a bit of country. He is also, as evidenced on this recording, a pretty fair interpreter of Hendrix, as he capably covers both "All Along the Watchtower" and "Voodoo Child" on this power packed set. He is also well supported on the CD by Phil Fistori on bass and Alan Cater on drums.

The CD opens with two high energy instrumentals, which pretty much tell the story here. This is not dance music or suitable for elevators (though I would like that myself), but it is machine gun blues/rock guitar, guaranteed to provide any ax addict with a more than adequate fix. Following the two instrumentals is an extended version of a very Stevie Ray/Texas Flood like Serrato original "Like A Tornado" which showcases both his vocal talents and ax wizardry. More hot Texas blues next with "Something Fine", followed by the two excellent and aforementioned Hendrix covers. All of the tracks thus far have been strong, but track #7, "That Ain't Right", is his most powerful yet, as Serrato very aggressively attacks a slow blues tune on which he also adds his very finest vocal effort. This one is worth the price of the CD by itself, but there is much more good listening within the other tracks as well. The performance concludes with two more instrumentals, including a very hot "Holy Smokes", one of Serrato's signature songs.

"Live At Modesto's State Theatre", along with Greg Serrato's three earlier studio recordings, is available at the official Greg Serrato web site at and through many online retailers. Mr. Serrato, along with being a tremendously talented artist, is also one of the very nicest people with whom I have had the pleasure of communicating. Kaj and I at Bluesrockers enjoy doing what we can to help promote excellent music from such nice human beings.

Tom Branson

The Band:

Greg Serrato - Guitar, Vocals   Phil Fistori - Bass   Alan Carter - Drums


1. Texas Walk 2. Phil-Billy Stomp 3. Like A Tornado 4. Something Fine 5. All Along The Watchtower
6. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 7. That Ain't Right 8. Funky Kenny (w/ drum solo) 9. Holy Smokes

2002 GS Music
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