Blues Rockers | How can you master the Blues?
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How can you master the Blues?

If you want to become a rock star, learning and mastering the blues is most important for you. Blue is something that puts expressions in your guitar and you can feel the shiver and scream while playing.

There are tons of tricks out there that help you to become a good guitarist but mastering blues is really an essential step for you as a new learner.  We have compiled the list of top 3 tips that you can practice to become a master in blues.

Master the Listening

When it comes down to learning blues faster and better, you need to first listen to the top legends like B.B King, Albert King, and Eric Clapton etc.

The more listening provides you the leverage to get into the blues vibes that were the building blocks of blues. Every star has its own unique way of phrasing so learning from the bests is always rewarding.

Master the Rhythm

For spicing up your guitar skills, you need to figure out the unique blue chords and particular progressions. 12 Bar blues progression is one of the key learning points for a newbie who wants to master the blues.

When you get familiar with different kinds of rhythms in blues, you start to aid your progressions in a more effective way which leads to the mastery.  It is important to realize that rhythm is the foundation of the guitar playing and if you are not doing well in it, you are probably not on the right track or not doing the things right.

Master the Licks

Improvisation while playing guitar and learning blues is the key because it’s the fifty-part old stuff fifty part your input.

The licks are the improvisations you can learn from different books or from a cool teacher and then use them as your own potential licks by adding different ups and downs.

You can use other cool tricks like triads to spice up the things way more brilliantly. If you can grow your vocabulary in the guitar world, you can improvise faster and your creativity can also jump in to turn the tables for you.

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