Maria Daines - Treebone

I first became aware of UK artist Maria Daines a few months back. I knew a new CD was on the way and I was not disappointed with the arrival of "Treebone".

Normally, I am not to big a fan of records were the artist alternates between styles too much as I feel it breaks the continuity and detracts from the listening experience. Not so with this album. This is mainly due to Maria Daines' outstanding voice control. The only other female artist I know that has this ability to do this so well is Bonnie Raitt. However Maria Daines does not sound like Raitt. This album is a perfect blend of rocking country and blues rock, electric and acoustic songs.
This album is consistently strong throughout. I do however have some personal favorites. The beautiful ballad "Bring your love along" is for sure one. The hard hitting "Tear down the walls" is another. A real smoking rocker. My absolute favorite would be "Too bad Henry". Another brilliant bluesrocker. But as already stated this is one strong album from start to finish. This album is not all Maria Daines though. Paul Killington does an amazing job playing all the instruments on the album.

This album comes highly recommended by this reviewer.

Kaj Sperrås


The Band: Vocals by Maria Daines - All instruments played by Paul Killington

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Tracks: 1 Ain't Nobody - 2 One Good Man - 3 Bring Your Love Along 4 Brandy Queen - 5 Tear Down The Walls 6 'til I Feel Better 7 Pack-A-Punch-Mama - 8 Wicked Eyed Mule - 9 Too Bad Henry - 10 You Don't Love Me - 11 Henry's Mother - 12 You Ain't The Pickety Po 13 Number 13

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