Blues Rockers | Things you didn’t know about the Blues
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Things you didn’t know about the Blues

Do you think that you know blues? You might be tricking yourself because here is the collection of great things you don’t know about the blues.

It’s impossible to be perfectly in Tune with Blues

It is due to the fact that mathematically it is impossible to tune a guitar with itself and using the harmonic series some tunes can be harmonic with each other but others will be way out. To compensate that tuning issue, the concept of “Equal tempered tuning” is utilized in which each note is slightly and equally out of tune hence solving the issue very effectively.

The most important Physical Asset while playing Blues is the Feel

You could be good while practicing, but when it comes to performance, you are going to perform badly if you are having a bad time. Feel means the track that grooves and perfectly lock with in the rhythm section. This is the one section where you shouldn’t be soft with yourself while assessing.

The Development of your own Sound is really Crucial for Learning Blues

When you completely try to copy the legend, you start sounding like him but no one likes that because it’s a copy and you miss the best. Instead of that, you can use the beauty of the blues by just adding your creativity through intelligent practice.

Most Blues Learners don’t know themselves

You should have a clear crystal goal in your head about what you want to be. Whatever your goals are, your actions define your future. Some people don’t realize that you don’t need to be a musician to become a rock star or you don’t need to be a rock star to become a musician. This realization can bring value to a blues learner and follow the passion while learning with hard work certainly pays off.

Practice makes a Blues Learner a Rock Star

The newbies think that they know about blues and what they know, they do not practice it. They practice repetitively without practicing new blues notes that can give rise to a creative sound of your own. The fluency in pentatonic scales is vital to master through practice.

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