"Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these 'It might have been'". John Greenleaf Whittier

The Thunderhawks were a tremendous band fronted by Tony Sarno, one of my very favorite blues/rockers, and featured the blistering guitars of Sarno and Eddy Shaver, son of the legendary Billy Joe Shaver. Their music was most properly categorized as hard rock with a blues flavor, loaded with both Sarno's "Bon Scott" type vocals and Shavers powerful fretwork. Keith Christopher on bass and a most enjoyable Rick Donnelly on drums supplied a driving and pounding rhythm section which complimented Sarno and Shavers perfectly. The composite song writing skills of the band were pure genius and the energy was high.

Their debut recording was recorded in May of 2000 and mastered in November of the same year. They appeared to be on the brink of something very special.

On December 31, 2000, Eddy Shaver left this world at the much too early age of 38. Aside from the personal tragedy of such a terrible loss, Shaver's passing also ended the very short career of what would have no doubt become a highly successful band the Thunderhawks. Their only recording nearly faded into obscurity, but, thanks to the efforts of Tony Sarno we have this absolute treasure, titled simply the Thunderhawks. The CD front cover is very simple, appropriately solid black with "Thunderhawks" in white lettering, as is the back cover which displays a song list with the haunting message "R.I.P." above the initials "E.S.".

But, in between the covers lie 10 powerhouse tracks which any Tony Sarno fan will find as a "must own" set. Sarno, normally the lead guitarist in his bands, gives way to Shaver's monstrously good guitar work, while Tony concentrates on supplying some of the best vocals of his career while adding a goodly dose of rhythm guitar. Don't look for a lot of ballads and love songs on this set, but be prepared to turn this one up loud to play as you drive down the highway with the windows down on your ride of choice. This is kind of like "ZZ Top meets AC/DC" music.

I like all of the tracks on this set, but if I had to pick favorites they would be the hard driving "Sick and Tired", the electric boogiefied "Don't Come Crying To Me", and perhaps my favorite track on the set (certainly lyrically it is) the working man's anthem "That Dog Won't Hunt". As I said before, the entire CD is excellent and enjoyable from start to finish.

The CD is available through Tony Sarno's official web site at Availability is currently limited so I encourage you to contact Tony and order a copy right away. If you do not own the other CDs from Tony Sarno, pick up a copy of those also. Tony Sarno is not only one of my favorite blues/rock artists, he is also a good guy and patriotic American who traveled recently on a USO tour to our troops stationed abroad. Thanks, Tony.

The Band:
Tony Sarno: guitar and lead vocals
Eddy Shaver: lead guitar
Keith Christopher: bass guitar
Rick Donnelly: drums

1. Break The Chain 2. Sick & Tired 3. Spirit 4. Out On The Farm 5. Don't Come Crying To Me 6. That Dog Won't Hunt 7. Punching The Clock 8. For Crying Out Loud 9. Evil Woman 10. Pourin' Rain
2001 Marconi Records
Link: Tony Sarno
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