Uncle Don`s Bullet-Proof Blues Band: Dare To Suck - The Chanukah Sessions
When you read in the liner notes that a CD was recorded in the "God This Room Is A Mess" studios, followed by the words "Unauthorized Duplication Encouraged", you know you have encountered an unusual recording, to say the least. This is indeed the case concerning the latest creation from the Georgia based Uncle Don's Bullet-Proof Blues Band. As evidenced by the aforementioned notations in the liner notes, this is truly an unusual recording, in that it combines both a considerable dose of tongue in cheek humor with smoldering blues/rock served up Southern style. Uncle Don (AKA Don East) and company have combined forces to produce a recording which will be both soothing to the common blues/rock addicts of the world while simultaneously irritating the politically correct set.
The band is a veteran 3 piece, fronted by Uncle Don supplying hot guitar licks, vocals, and sledgehammer wit, and supported by the most capable Ed Shelton on bass and Rick Austin on drums. Shelton also provides hilarious impressions of various US presidents at the end of "Disco Sucks", which demonstrate that he is multi talented, a comic genius, and perhaps in need of some professional intervention.

Their style is very classic southern/blues/rock, the songs all Don East original tracks, augmented by three "statement" tracks, in which the band clearly proclaims their dislike for rap, disco, and snuff toting types in general. OK, so maybe the boys have not totally matured, but most of us middle aged types who are honest with themselves will admit that there is still a bit of adolescent in all of us. Please do not lose site of the fact that, despite these humorous declarations, the serious songs in this set are seriously good. And, after all, this is supposed to be entertainment, and I found this recording to be quite entertaining. This recording is kind of indicative of what might have happened if a young Mel Brooks had chanced to attend a Bo Diddley concert and chosen to pursue another career path-a somewhat frightening, yet curiously interesting thought.

If you have no sense of humor or your family tree does not fork, you may want to bypass the comedy for the balance of the recording, which is all very good. My favorites on the set are the red hot opener "Majic Fingers", the blistering slow blues guitar laced "I'm Gonna Leave You", a beautifully sensitive instrumental "Dickey", and the electric slide rich "Georgia Boogie". But, if you do not take yourself too seriously, you are liable to enjoy the entire CD.

"Dare To Suck-The Chanukah Sessions" is available through the official web site of Uncle Don's Bullet-Proof Blues Band at www.doneast.com .

P.S. Disco sucks, this recording does not.

The Band:
Uncle Don East: Guitars and Vocals
Ed Shelton: Bass and Vocals
Rich Austin BHG-FDPGF: Drums and Percussion

1. Majic Fingers 2. Everybody's Talkin' 3. I'm Gonna Leave You 4. Rock and Roll Man 5. Disco Sucks 6. Hurtin' Man 7. White Truck 8. Rap Crap 9. Dickey 10. Doin' It All For You 11. Georgia Boogie 12. Primitive Blues RFD

2001 Uncle Don's Bullet-Proof Blues Band
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