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Hi! I am Michael! I am the owner of this blog! I love rock and I love sharing information about it.I’m a fan of rock music because it makes me feel alive and energetic. I love playing guitar and that’s my hobby. I keep searching new and valuable information about the blues. 

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3 Modern Blues Rock Soul Artists You Must Hear in 2020

Rock Soul Artists

Are you still of the belief that modern blues are extinct and can be found be nowhere on the planet? It surely was considered to be one genre that was heading to oblivion but is no more the same. Blues are still in the scene all active and lively. Legends around the world even now possess the charm to garner fans to the stadiums for the overnight concerts. Derek Trucks and Gary Clark Jr are such guitarists who have a huge fan base in many countries and keep adding more into the legion. But if you are only familiar with these names, you should be way behind in the modern blues culture because there are both well-established artists and emerging talents that deserve some attention. If you are a fan of the genre, you need to look deeper and find the best in the business.

All those artists, apart from the big names, play a key role in keeping the blues alive. You will not be able to find these artists in the mainstream because the other genres overshadow this masterpiece. Let us have a look at some of the modern blues artists and bands whose works are now on the playlist of almost every die-hard fan.

1. Kenny Wayne Shepherd

This self-taught guitarist was born in Louisiana in 1977, whose name is now on top of the list. He grew by developing some great skills with the guitar and gradually started writing songs as well. The biggest muse in his life is Stevie Ray Vaugh, whom he got to meet through his father, who was a concert promoter. Kenny rose to fame at a very young age by signing a multiple record contract and releasing his first Album, Ledbetter, when he was 18. Seven of his singles made it to the Billboard top 10 and won two of its awards as well. He was also nominated for five Grammys. Listen to his album, How I Go, to witness the growth of a legend through the music and lyrics. Kenny’s works are timeless to top every list.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

2. Kaleo

Although Iceland is not an ideal place for blues to thrive, Kaleo is on the mission to change the music culture of the country. With their second album, ‘A/B,’ they managed to gain more popularity and earn some money as well by selling over 1 million copies all over the world. Their single ‘Way Down We Go’ was a massive hit in the US so much so that it made to the top position on the Billboard Alternative Chart.

3. Philp Sayce

Unlike the other modern blues artists and bands that create songs today, Philip Sayce loves to play the guitar and exhibit its significance in a piece. The scene of British blues used to be focused on every performer on the stage, from the singer to all instrument players. It has changed into a restrained style these days that some people enjoy while many others prefer the classic touch. This urged Philip to fall back onto that track by paying homage to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix. All his solos are intense and consist of raw blues with the heaving riffing. Sayce is quite an experienced artist and has created about eight studio albums to date. His most popular songs are Peace Machine, Alchemy, Morning Star, Blood on Your Hands, Steamroller.

9 Best Blues Artists of All Time


Here is a list of the best-blued artists throughout the years. If you have heard them all then consider yourself lucky to have enjoyed the classics. If not, you can still check out their best works now and find out why they deserve the title of the best blues artists.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. His milestones were inspirations for the next generations of musicians. His best works were released in 1936 and 1937 which involved a combination of singing, guitar skills and good lyrics.

Robert Johnson

B.B. King

B.B. King is definitely the greatest blues electric guitarist who is world-famous for his works. He unique guitar skills and vocals made him the most wanted by labels when he was only becoming popular. He was also a songwriter and a record producer.

Howlin’ Wolf

Howlin’ Wolf had the voice that people say was only made for blues. Not only was he an idol in blues but was also an inspiration in other genres like rock and roll. He was a talented musician which a golden voice that makes him one of the best even today.

Howlin’ Wolf

Muddy Waters

McKinley Morganfield a.k.a. Muddy Waters was an American musician who is known as the father of modern Chicago blues. He lived in the same era of B.B. King and shared the same honour as him. His style is still followed in many genres of music.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stephen “Stevie” Ray Vaughan was an American songwriter, musician, vocalist, and record producer. Despite having a short career of 7 years, he is considered one of the most influential guitarists who contributed to bringing back the craze for blues.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Eric Clapton

Eric Patrick Clapton was an English rock and blues guitarist who is the only three times inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarists of all time. He has been a member of Yardbirds, Cream, Derek, and the Dominos.

Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith is the most mentioned female blues singer in history. She is an inspiration for many other female singers who followed her footsteps. She is known as the empress of the blues. Her powerful voice set a mark for jazz and blues singers of her time.

Bessie Smith

Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy started his career as a house guitarist at Chess Records and also played with the likes of Muddy Waters and Junior Wells. His works influenced many other artists of his time, including Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimmy Page. Buddy Guy is the only greatest proponent of the old school who is alive today at the age of 83.

Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt is an inspiring slide guitarist and songwriter who became popular in the ’70s as the queen of modern female blues singers. She has advocated blues music and its musicians tirelessly to set a higher standard for upcoming artists, both male and female.