Dave Hole

Guitar Player

Dave Hole is a great guitar player, who is at his best when playing electric slide. He was born in 1948 in England but his family moved him to Australia when he was four years old.Inspired by blues artists like Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters and rock bands like the Rolling Stones, Hole took up the guitar as a young lad. A broken finger in a football game would cause him to create his unique style of slide playing. Hole plays over the top of the fretboard of the guitar unlike most every other slide player. 

Not only is his technique his own, so is the power of his playing. He is without question the most powerful slide guitarist in the world (just listen to “Up All Night Thinking”, this track can be found on the albums “Working Overtime” and “Whole Lotta Blues”).I once read an article in the paper which told him that he should decide if he would rather play blues or rock music.Though some may agree with this position, I certainly do not. I find his mix of rock and blues to be an excellent combination.Any of his recordings are great. Be sure to check out this exceptional artist.